La veille légale leg-em

Legal monitoring

your preventive security adapted to all your activities

Our skills

mastery of development, multilingual, adapted to the size of the company


Certified standards / applicable professional
(for all countries - CH, F, D, PT, CE, Cantons, ...)


dedicated knowledge base (eg: GHS at 1.6.2015)
Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Any upgrade required by new legal tendencies are at disposal well ahead of the date of coming into effect


Continuous Refresh, Alert Messages for Crucial Entries Pilot experiments


Legal preparation for your legislative advisor's audits

to ensure the continuity of your projects safely


The legal monitoring is intended to monitor and anticipate national and international regulations that may have an influence on the company's activities.

Video presentation of the software - Setting the legal monitoring (3 min)


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